Kinbote (kinbote) wrote,

as deToqueville spins gyroscopically in his grave...

What next? Barney the Purple Fucking Dinosaur to be installed as governor of Massachusetts?

Amazingly, on its face this event is not the direct, mechanical failure of democracy I expected. More Californians actually voted for Schwarzenegger than voted for Davis to continue -- and more Californians voted for Schwarzenegger yesterday than voted for Davis in 2002's regular election.

However it is a whopping indirect failure of democracy -- this candidate has articulated no policy platform to the electorate, and it will now be determined behind closed doors by Schwarzenegger's handlers.

Shadow government indeed.

Our nation's long dark twilight turns darker still as the fading lamp of democracy sets behind the hills. Yep, those hills -- right behind that goddamn hollywood sign.
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