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Show Me the Way to Go Home

We're doing street theater on Mar 17 to launch the Madison march agitating for an end to 4 years of occupation of Iraq. Our piece will end by launching a flotilla of [big cardboard] ships carrying soldiers home from Iraq. More such ships will be made at a public workshop and carried in the parade.

I'm looking for songs on the theme of "going home" for use in promoting both the parade and the ship-building workshop via radio spots. My meager pickings so far:

- "Homeward Bound," Simon & Garfunkel;
- "Sloop John B," Beach Boys (pro: very very poignant "I wanna go home" bits;  con: Beach Boys);
- "Show Me the Way to Go Home" -- the super-catchy drinking song sung on the boat in Jaws, though we wouldn't want anybody to expect a giant cardboard shark to start eating the soldiers.

More?  (Also: anything more recent than 1976?)

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