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Zombie puppet pageantry

I'm going to the Barebones Halloween Pageant in Minneapolis:

Barebones Productions presents their 12th Annual Halloween Show – a community created outdoor pageant of larger than life puppetry, costumed characters, originally composed live music, singing, dancing, stilt walking, and pyro-artistry (fire).

This year’s pageant, “FORETOLD: It’s Your Funeral” takes place in Deadstown, a river ghost town that never sleeps. Long-sighted Divinator's scan the night sky and predict disaster for the towns decaying inhabitants. How far will they go to protect themselves from their own worst fear? See the self-fulfilling prophesy unfold!.

The pageant begins as the audience is led down an ambient trail to the haybale seating. Here they will be treated to a feast of otherworldly imagery and illusory orchestration. The pageant ends with a candlelit procession to the Mississippi River bank for a fire drawings and river puppets finale. A reception follows in the Hidden Falls Park pavilion with food, drink and live music.

As has become customary, the pageant includes a public naming ceremony during which the audience is invited to honor friends and relations that have passed on. Audience members are also offered a chance to do so privately afterward at artistic installations set up on site for this purpose.

Moving the audience through several performance spaces to experience the texture of landscape strikes me as reminiscent of my Bread & Puppet experience in Vermont this summer (which I didn't exactly blog, did I?)...

What are other folks doing for Halloween?
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