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Now I am the master.

I was too exhausted yesterday to post. I took a nap Wednesday night from 11:30 PM til 2:30 AM, then got up and cranked through my taxes. Hooray for decent software. I felt confident about the numbers and had my envelopes licked at 5:20 AM, then tried to nap for another 2 hours before work, but really couldn't drop off until almost 7. So it was not a restful night.

After an intense day of software upgrades on a live system that an entire manufacturing plant 1000 miles away is wholly dependent upon, I zipped out for second of two screen printing lessons last night -- the first, on Wednesday, ran through the photo emulsion process for burning stencils into screens. The second, last night, consisted of employing those burned screens to print a 2-color run of 100 18" x 24" posters for an upcoming Paragraphs show. With three sets of hands and a mighty handy drying rack, we cranked through the 2-color print run in about 2 hours. My brain is now a vast powerhouse of screenprinting knowledge. And in addition to a better understanding of equipment, process and technique, I also have some links for well-priced material sources (emulsion/inks, paper) to share with breadandjam, who helped put me back on the screenprinting track late last year.

Right after that our agitprop street theater troupe had a work session to continue working on papier mache masks for our upcoming expedition to participate in the story section of the spectacular 2004 May Day Parade in Minneapolis on May 2.

We're also working on costumes and props so we can present giant puppet figures of Liberty and Justice, married to each other, at tomorrow's Rally for Equal Marriage. Tonight I need to paint a banner for that -- damn! I should be cutting and priming that banner right now during lunch instead of typing this entry.

So that's the plan for tonight. Oh, and packing. Yeah. I need to do a lot more of that.
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